The “Ein Platz für Kinder” Foundation’s board of trustees consists of top representatives from the worlds of business and teaching, healthcare and welfare, as well as all relevant areas of public life. The trustees offer their services free of charge, advising the foundation and shaping the way it works. They unselfishly assist traumatised children by exerting influence, supporting the Foundation with ideas and tangible help, are advisers and sources of inspiration.

Thanks very much to them all

Ludmilla Gräfin Arco-Valley

European Civil Servant (retired).

“I very much admire Johanna Ruoff`s commitment. She gives her time to underprivileged children”.

Ulf Brandt 

Direktor M.M. Warburg & Co.

Catarina Heppe 

“No child should be a victim of violence by adults. Our children should be entitled to special care and assistance. They need special safeguards and care from birth to adult independence. And I shall do what I can to make this happen.”

Benedikt Graf von Bentzel

CEO of the Schloss Thurn Amusement Park
“Children are any society’s most valuable asset. If we neglect children, then we’re neglecting our future.”

Dr. Max-Georg Büchner 

CEO of Degener Verlag and ars mundi Edition Max Büchner Gmbh

“I appreciate the Foundation’s direct, quick and unbureaucratic help. Both at home and abroad, “Ein Platz für Kinder” is an important organisation”.

Dr. Alexandra Schmied


“I am involved because my work for the Foundation lets me put words into action”. 

Tobias Stengel

Hotel manager

“Underprivileged children should also have the chance of a happy life. Happiness should be the motto for their future”.


Heinz-Gerhard Wilkens

Head of Press an Information, HanseMerkur Insurance Group

„The foundation offers a safe haven for diagnosis as there is otherwise no infrastructure for tormented minds. It should be therefore our aim to set up Mattisburg centers all over Germany.”