Mattis Castle Hannover / KiD Hannover

The KiD – Kind in Diagnostik (Diagnostics for Children) facility in Hanover has been around since 2008. It was our Foundation’s first project and was therefore not yet called Mattis Castle. After eight years in constant use, KiD in Hanover really needed full refurbishment. Over the past eight years, around 200 children have found a safe haven and support there. Because the violence and despair they suffered had left their mark on the house too, KiD Hanover had to be turned into an attractive home for young victims again. Around €300,000 was invested by the H. and D. Urban and the “Ein Platz für Kinder” Foundations to make the house a place where children would feel at home again. In just one month architects, construction companies and builders fully refurbished the 450 m 2 house and it’s been open to victims of trauma again since September 2015.